Atom Hub
Atom Hub is an ethusiastic webspace for more or less experimental sound libraries and sample packs made by myself, an amateur musician. Sounds you will find
here are of raw and straight-forward nature. No crystal clear studio recordings, but - I believe - samples of good sound quality with a soul and unique atmosphere
recorded in their own environment, right on the spot. Strange beautiful things, or places I love or I have been to, recorded and transformed into unusual sound
libraries. Some packs are (and always will be) available for FREE (others for small charges), so don´t hesitate, download and check them out.

I will be glad, if you´ll find yourself enjoying what you hear. I am not a professional musician, or producer, have to have a regular job to make my living, so in case
you are buying some of my packs, or sharing info about them, let me thank you heartily for you support.


For just anything related to Atom Hub, please write here

If you are interested, there is also my music available to give it a listen and you will find it here



Please notice, that these libraries work ONLY IN Native Instrument´s KONTAKT 5 FULL VERSION software sampler (and in KONTAKT PLAYER for a limited session of
15 minutes, after you have to reload them) if not stated otherwise. You may freely use all wav files though, since they are unlocked and ready to play.

PURCHASES (all libraries are download ONLY products) :


Dowload *.rar file, extract it to desired destination, open Kontakt 5 and search for your library among "Files"

Thank you for your visit... all the best...

Martin Huba

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