- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 114 MB (cca 340 single wav files)
- 14 nki files
- Water percussions - a palm against
   the water surface
- Plops and clunks, pourings
   in the wash-basin
- Various bathroom percussions
- Really nice toilet :)

- mod. wheel is set to control release
One of my longtime wishes was to stumble upon a good water library... but I was not satisfied with nothing I had found. So I decided to make
my own. Just the way I liked it. That meant a lot of samples of splashes, plops and clunks, pouring and also percussive ones, when palms
meet water surface. And of course, sounds of another items you would usually find in the bathroom - a toilet, tooth brushes, radiator,
shower, shower bath (I cleaned it, you will hear !:) and so on... So I took the recorder in and did it. And when I wrote first track using this
library... I knew it was well done :-)

What´s in ? (Patches names) Bathroom Percs I, Bathroom Percs II, Radiator, Shower Bath, Shower Splashes, Toilet, Water All Kit, Water
Percs, Water Perc Short, Water Plops And Clunks I, Water Plops And Clunks II, Water Pouring I, Water Pouring II

COMPATIBILITY : This library works in KONTAKT 5 FULL VERSION ( and above) software sampler (in KONTAKT PLAYER for 15 minutes).
INSTALLATION : Dowload *.rar file, extract it to desired destination, open Kontakt 5 and search for your library among "Files".