One of my main ideas always was to find most unusual sounds to make rhythms with or from. One of the sounds that always fascinated me, was a sound of fire,
burning, crackling wood. Thanks to a cottage with its fireplace, I finally got to recording samples I needed to make this fantasy a reality. I have recorded very nice
fire from 4 distances, from maybe 2 metres to as close as was still healthy for my mic :-). I have also recorded fireplace itself, its iron banister, some barbicue tools
(a shovel, a broach) and also sounds of chunks of wood to add something sonically more palpable to the library. The outcome is strange and surely not usual.
But... maybe some of you will be able to use it in some fiery track !  

What´s in ? (Some patches names) 1 Far, 2 Closer, 3 Close, 4 Very Close, Fireplace 1 min, Fireplace 2 min, Fireplace 4 min, Fireplace 5 min, Fireplace KIT,
Fireplaces All Volume,  FX Awful Bell, FX Dalybor, FX Dusty, FX Electric Waterfall, FX Fire in an empty room, FX Chimney Puffs, FX Chunkyphone, FX Missing Teeth,
FX Whispering Chimneys, MULTI Firchestra...
Drumming Fire

- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 368 MB (333 single wav files)
- 29 nki files
- Burning fire sampled and chopped
   to be able to make rhythms from
   cracklings of the burning wood
- Fireplace Kit - sounds of a fireplace itself
   - wood chunks, iron broach, banister,
   barbecue showel...
- Burning fire ambiences, close and far
- mod. wheel is set to control release
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