- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 214 MB (44 single wav files)
- 49 nki files (11 basic, 28 single,
   10 multi patches)
- slightly chorused electric guitar samples
   executed in order to end like sci-fi,
   dreamy, somnambulant soundscapes
- attack/release, filter, reverb, flanger,
   delay and other FX GUI controls
- cool flickering blaze beyond the aperture :-)
LH printscreen
2015 Atom Hub
You have these memories inside of you within living memory... The journey you have set off for a long time ago still has not come to an end. You remember endless
acres of fields, sleepy meadows, callow woods and your own footsteps in horizonless greenness. The presence of "something", what has guided you here,
something, promising to uncover the Mystery. This all awaited there... beyond misty horizon disappearing in the distance. Is this all real ? Or is it just a dream ? Now
it feels like you have been there, as if it really happened. But when ? You can recollect the smells, you can hear the sounds of insects in the wet grass, you
remember nights under cold stars and... the feeling of being close to the resolution. You can recollect that atmosphere, you can almost hear gentle, spilled,
sustaining tones, resonating in glittering blaze over the lost horizon...
Inspired by the vibe of the novels "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton and "Forest" and "Roadside Picnic" by borthers Strugatsky, I have sampled my trusty old Yamaha
RGX 721 DG electric guitar to create gentle clean samples proper for looping and dreaming. More detailed info in the PDF.

Whats in ? (Some patches names) Lost Horizon Basic, Lost Horizon Bright, Lost Horizon Molecular, Lost Horizon Continuum, Lost Horizon Crystal, Close To The
Edge, Dew Cap, Never Seen, Stairway to Eden, Underground Stream, Unknown Area, Rain In A Distance, Sandy Path...
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