Wine Glass v2.0

- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz

- 321 MB (167 single wav files)
- Over 100 patches (40 basic,  26 sound
   design, 23 multi and 22 extra nki, nkm files)

- Two wine glasses, bigger and smaller one
- Up to 7 x round robin sample sets
- Differently sounding kits, softer and louder ones
- Fingertips, knuckles, wooden stick used

- Rich sound design category with altered
   glassy sounds

Two wine glasses were used in making of this library - the bigger and the smaller one. I have found these at my momīs home sitting there on a shelf, probably
waiting for someone to capture their soft, bellish, winterly voices. No wine to pour in, so I have tapped them with my fingertips, knuckles and also a wooden stick to
obtain samples of different colors and intensity. The result were several sample sets for building wide offer of wine glass sound kits. Some kits contained more (up
to 7 x round robin) samples, some 2 or 3 dynamics layers. Some were made just from one beautiful sample. That of course was just the beginning of the creative
process that went into further sound designing, so next to the basic, essential samples, you will find also a lot of samples derived from basic ones here, effected
outside of Kontakt to offer you a lot more, utilizing the wide potential of magical, calming, dreamy glassy sounds.

Thank you again for your support, I hope you will enjoy this library and - having maybe tasty glass of wine - you will find the right patch for your track in this
collection !

Whatīs in ? (Some patches names) Bigger One Knuckle 5 RR, Bigger One Knuckle Dyn, Bigger One Knuckle Solo 1, Bigger One Pip 1 3 RR, Bigger One Pip 2 3 RR,
Bigger One Pip Dyn 1, Bigger One Pip Solo, Bigger One Stick 5 RR, Finger Rub 6 RR, Fingertip Stroke Solo 1, Fingertip Stroke Solo 3, Small One Knuckle 4 RR, Small
One Knuckle Dyn, Small One Pip Dyn 2, Small One Pip Dyn 3, Small One Pip Solo 1, Small One Stick 5 RR, Small One Stick Dyn 1, Small One Stick Dyn 2, Small One
Stick Solo 1, Small One Stick Solo 2, Two Glasses Clash 4 RR, Two Glasses Clash 6 RR, Two Glasses Clash solo... more details in the PDF.
Wine Glass v2 printscreen
Đ 2015 Atom Hub
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