- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 32 MB (80 single wav files)
- 10 nki files
- Toy xylophone played by little
   wooden stick
- 10 x round robin
- mod. wheel is set to control release
This is the toy xylophone, which I bought for my son. I regreted that later though (not because of its price - it was cheap), but I did not
check properly its tuning, thinking to myself, that it did not matter. But when it came to  playing it for some time, I found it annoying and just
unnatural, to listen to not fairly crafted instrument. But to just have fun beating it... it did the job in the hands of my son well :-). Anyway, I
knew, that I wanted to record its sounds and tune them properly, but not just that. It had only 7 basic tones, so I added semitones too.
When the instrument was sampled, the creative journey only began. There are not many patches here, but all of them are useful in my
opinion. One more thing - I recorded every note 10 times, using original wooden stick, that came with it. I donīt know why so many, but it
surely helped to a natural feel, when playing this Xylophone. I felt like a child again ! (I feel so all the time anyway :-D) Enjoy this micro

Whatīs in ? (Patches names) Compressed, Chorused, Ice Drops Trails, In Stereo, Music Boxed, Reverbed, Xylophone, Pan Tadeusz, Cave
Orchestra, Tubular Caves

COMPATIBILITY : This library works in KONTAKT 5 FULL VERSION ( and above) software sampler (in KONTAKT PLAYER for 15 minutes).
INSTALLATION : Dowload *.rar file, extract it to desired destination, open Kontakt 5 and search for your library among "Files".