Hi... new updated library from Atom Hub ! Check out the new version of The Bell From Shelf ! Hope I will please all steampunk hearts and souls in need of a
disctinct, little, metallic instrument :-) !


Hello... time to revisit some of my older packs again :-). This time, Wine Glass was rethought, remaped, new GUI has been added and most of all - it is not just a 
simple glassy library anymore - a lot of sound designing has been done, providing you the arsenal of more than 100 magical patches great for using in dreamy,
ambient tracks. Cheers !


I have been pleasantly surprised by warm welcome of my Lost Horizon pack so I decided to continue with ambient, guitar-based sample packs. This time I have
used my semihollow body electric guitar accompanied with a guitar synth, looper and a hardware fx unit to create samples going a little bit farther. The Planet
brings wider sound palette, more types of sounds and is more focussed on experimental side of thing, than to preserve "the guitar sound" in the first place. Hope
you will like this one, enjoy exploring The Planet...


Hi, new one is coming ! Check out your misty, dim horizon... something flickering there ? I would say so ! Enjoy my very affordable Lost Horizon... :-)


Hello there, did you also enjoy that TV series named "Tales from the crypt" from 80s, or 90s ? :-) Seems like I am beginning a new line of products... Check out my
new free instrument - Cryptar !


Hi, new library has been significantly updated - Old Mandolin. Although it was not sampled again from scratch like Toolshed, about 80 MB of new material were
newly sampled. More samples have been effected outside Kontakt to provide more sonic colors to the library. So now it contains "mandolinish" pads, kind of organs,
e-pianos, softer, tonal, atonal FX patches. I found this mandolin good at resembling another stringed instruments - koto, kalimba, cemballo, cimbalom, harp... those
instruments will come up in your mind when scrolling through the new patches. Also, the initial basic patches have been improved, repositioned on some tones,
tuned properly to give the mandolin and to you more options. The utilization of this library has been broadened significantly and you are welcome to check it out on
its dedicated page.


Hello there, after few months I have some news again. First of all, renewed Toolshed library got MASSIVELY updated to v2.0 containing a lot more content and
being better recorded from scratch. Now it is not just percussive library, it is much more versatile experimental package able to build complete tracks on its own. If
you are into industrial, dark, steampunk, fantasy or sci-fi stuff, please, get more info on the dedicated Toolshed page. I have also renewed the website itself and
raised prices on some products, which deserved it in my opinion. I can also reveal, that some of my older packs will be updated in the "toolshed way" throughout
the year. I have some completely new ones on the desk too... come back from time to time and check out wat is new. All the best in the new year 2014...


Hi there, I hope you are enjoying summer to the full and all is well with you. I have some news - a new freebie - Gnat Shepherd - for you all. I borrowed this name
because of characteristic sound in the high pitches of the toy vuvuzela, which have been sampled for this purpose. I am using the same "product model" for this
instrument as with Cuckoo Clay Bird, so there is also extended library named Gnat Shepherd Household available for those who liked the freebie a lot. This version
offers much more content and adds all the experimental, funny and psycho if you like moments to this little whistle. I hope you will like it and maybe some maniacs
among you will actually find some use for it... :-) all the best... Mato


Hi, it is time to say hi again and to inform about some news from me. In the first place, let me introduce a new member of my samplepack family - Cuckoo Clay
Bird, which is coming in two versions - a full one and a freebie. You will find them in their sections. This little birdie was bought to me by my father many years ago,
when we visited Romania during 1980s. Initially I hoped to bring a simple cuckoo miniinstrument but as soon as I started work with the samples, I realized it could
be a bit more - a nice and surprising experimental instrument. Consider it of course for yourself, after listening to the demos and getting more details on its pages.
In my opinion, the organ patches I got out of this little clay creature are quite interesting.
The second information - I am sending the download links personally to you, but since I am not always quick enough, I managed to solve this issue by instructing
the paypal to provide a download links to you immediately from your succesful payment paypal page. Please take a look for detailed info and the example
screenshot in the BUY section. Hope this will help to save your time. At this moment I am not able to do more, because it is still a bit over my budget to pay for 
some service able to do it by automated emailing. Thanks for your understanding and attention... have a nice time everybody... 


Hi friends, hope you are doing well. The spring is finally here in Slovakia ! This year it took so long... and so did my new library, MICROBIOLOGY - Petri Audio Dish
for Kontakt. After two months of work it is finished. I am sure few of you might like it. As I wrote on its dedicated page, I took my three hardware samplers
accompanied with two synths and let my fantasy create an audio vision of one of the most odd and strange worlds I know... the microworld. I have always been
fascinated by its "zoology", pictures or movies depicting life of the most strange organisms. But the best part of that is, that we ourselves are grown from this world,
on its foundations, being in fact giant universes consisting of those micro parts. To hear this world... that would be awesome ! Of course, that is not easy (if possible
at all), but where a human can´t go himself, sends his imagination. I did my best - and totally enjoyed that time - to generate sounds reminding babbling and
gurgling of those little creatures, to imitate the world of enzymes and amino acids ruling our bodies attacked by bacterias and exotic viruses... I am pleased with the
outcome, bringing my biggest library to date (yes - you have probably never heard about something as big as 570 MB ! :-) ) with 100 nki files.
You are invited to listen to the demo track and to get more info about my Microbiology. Wait... I forgot, please, be aware of the fact, that this is not going to sound
"epic" at all and probably will not do the job for a blockbuster movie trailer :-)... in all other cases... have fun discovering and creating your own microworlds!


Hello there... it is February and I am back with some news. New libs ! Four of them ! We are experiencing very nice winter here in Slovakia, so I dedicated some
hours to record sonic aspects of that white beauty...and SNOW AND ICE library came to existence. I was also hoping for a while to get to creation of some new
tonal library and I decided to fulfill my wish with WINE GLASS lib - sample pack dedicated to soft and calming sounds of glass cups. I always loved this kind of
sound so I am happy to announce my own contribution to the sample pack scene. Then there is DRUMMING FIRE - well this one is not easy one :-) ... I was always
fascinated by sounds of burning fire, have listened to it a lot during childhood, and also nowdays and my intention was to build a library, with which I am able to
rhythmize fire using cracklings of wood in it. So I did it. No I am not goig to say it sounds awesome... because more proper word is - w e i r d :-). I recommend this
one for experienced sonic adventurers only ! :-) And finally - Barking Buddy - I hope you will like this one, because tuned wolf-dog is also not a usual lib to stumble
upon. And it turned out quite well I think, download it and check out... it is FREE. Later... Mato


Hi friends, maybe you have noticed, that some new pictures of user interfaces began to appear at the bottom of pages. That means, that I got myself a little bit into
scripting and designing my libraries, so they will look better from now on and allow you to manipulate some parameters right from the "surface". Those pictures of
UI´s also mean, that everybody, who bought some library from me in the past, will get the links to updated libraries for FREE. I plan to update every single one.
Every time, when I finish few of them, I will contact you via emails and send the links. Have a nice time so far... and visit me occasionally - I have some interesting
packs right around the corner :-)


New year 2013 is here and so we are... and probably you have noticed few new libraries I added recently. "Candlestick", "The Bel Form Shelf" and "Xylophone"
were announced few days before Christmas and during holidays, (right before the end of the world) I spent my free time with preparing two new ones. One was
"Mr. Pot", our family´s worthy friend from kitchen, which waits for you among freebies as my contribution to the world´s pool of free instruments :-) (we all love
freebies so let´s keep it coming ! :) and the second one is "Workshop", collection of industrial, mostly metallic sounds from ... a workshop obviously. A pack with a
lot of good sounds of various tools and stuff similar to "Toolshed" but with more modern and present character. Hope you will like some of these libraries and come
back to visit this site also in the future - there will be always something new for you. Thank you, everybody, who supported me and this site so far... I appreciate
this so much...


It is about two weeks, since I launched this website. But it took me actually circa 5 months to get it all together and running. I was REALLY surprised by warm and a
hundred percent positive feedback from you. Even at this point, I can say that this is my little dream come true... Thank you very much ! I am so glad to know, that
you find something I do useful. I will try to bring more and more interesting and unusual things, instruments, percussions and whatever I stumble upon for you to
have fun with the sounds. I will try to make it better and of course, also for free. Merry Christmas to all of you, happy and successful new year 2013 (No, no - this
world and this website is not going to end... :)

All the best, friends... Mato

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