Mr. Pot

- 16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 52 MB (289 single wav files)
- 10 nki files
- 25 cm steel pot played, knocked,            
   tapped with palms, fingertips and  
   knuckles on all its parts
- 10 x round robin
Mr. Pot... very important member of my family (VIM), exactly of kitchen. Taking part and giving helping hand in all cooking endeavours of my girlfriend, I am really
pleased to share what I like the most about it with you... YES, its sound ! :-) I have tapped on its every part and I recorded every hit ten times for you to make
sure, it will become a download worthy instrument. It does not sound bad at all. In fact, good enough for a pot guy, who never did serious vocals, only spaghetti and
so on...

What´s in ? (Patches names) Mr. Pot, Mr. Pot IN FRONT, Mr. Pot LEFT, Mr. Pot LOW, Mr. Pot LOWER, Mr. Pot REVERB, Mr. Pot RIGHT, Mr. Pot ROOM, Mr. Pot TUNED
1, Mr. Pot TUNED 2
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