Gnat Shepherd Household

- 24 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 151 MB (260 single wav files)
- 41 nki files (12 multi, 29 single patches)
- handful of funny, experimental
   and even serious patches
- eq, attack, release, stereo, flanger,
   phaser, reverb, delay, drive, cabinet fx
- all reasonable wavs are tuned
- nice believable seagulls and chickens :-)
- from really psycho patches to ordinary ones

Đ 2015 Atom Hub
I found this little vuvuzela in a supermarket and since it immediately got my sonīs attention I bought it. The sound ? You know... vuvuzela. Just a simple whistle, the
younger brother of the real vuvuzelas, which can damage not only your hearing, but also a football tournament ! :-) This little disaster produces single nasty high
pitched tone, which only me and my son seem to like in our entire family. (... or our town ?) Soon I realized, that this one note torturing is not all this catcall is
capable of. So I started to "practise" and used it to produce quite wide palette of sounds - squeels, screams and creaks, which reminded me of various animals - so
you can find seagulls, pigs, starling, cat, peacock and also unbelievable chicken patches inside. There also few patches reminiscent of broken, detuned, defective
trumpets, cello, pad, strings, a bass patch, dandelion trumpet one and even a funeral band trying to get it right (Brokestra) ! Besides this experimental approach
I soon found out, that in some two octave range, vuvuzela can sound like sort of an oriental instrument to my ears. I have adapted the idea of some unusual,
African/Arabian whistle/pipe. And the name ? In high octaves it sounds just like buzzing of a gnat, a LOT of gnats, who have lost their... shepherd... or vice versa ?
Of course, the household of this shepherd is full of animals I mentioned earlier. It is up to you now, whether you become just a gnat shepherd (the freebie is here
for you !) or you have nourished and sold many gnats, so you can afford a household with all its treasures !  

Whatīs in ? (Patches names) Alarm Clock, Atom Gnats Everywhere, Blue Sky Pad, Brokestra, Celloid, Cry From Catacombs, Dandelion Trumpet, Electric Gnat, Gem
Piano, Gnat Ambulance, Gnat Bass, Gnat Cat, Gnat Subbass, Gnat Telegraph,Gnat The Soloist, Gnats Of Mr Morse, Chicken At The Back, Chicken F1 Mutants, Chicken
Outside, Mellotron Strings, Midnight Flight, Open Sesame, Peacock, Piggy, Seagulls, Secret Chamber, Shepherd Pipe, Starling, The Elder, Multis: x Byzantine,
x Cellosect, x Cemballino, x Ceremony, x Dark Thoughts, x Double Pipe, x Gnat Funeral,  x Gnat Lullaby, x Mama Mia Strings, x Shepherd Board, x Song Of A
Nomad, x Song Of A Wanderer 
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